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Steve Logan - Update - Sept 9, 2022

Despite the intermittent rain and wet conditions on Tuesday, we were able to aerify the practice greens and greens 1-9. On Wednesday we completed aerification of greens. On Thursday all greens were top dressed and brushed in and all greens will be rolled Friday afternoon once the dew is off and the sand is dry.

The range tee has been aerified and cleaned up and was over seeded Friday morning and will be top dressed Friday afternoon and will be open for practice off of the mats starting Saturday morning.

The plan is to start aerifying fairways on Monday September 12, however as of now the weather forecast is for rain Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. This may make it necessary for us to aerify tees instead and postpone fairways until the following week (September 19). We will keep you updated as the weather dictates.

As I’m sure you have noticed we had a dollar spot (fungal disease) outbreak on our fairways. I was attempting to stretch the application interval between preventative fungicide applications and got caught. My fault and my apologies. They were subsequently sprayed with fungicide and were also sprayed once again this week. They will be fertilized and aerified next week and they will recover.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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