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Golf Course Opening Info 2023

With the light Winter weather and what appears to be an early Spring coming I'm sure a big question on everyone's mind is when will the Golf Course be open for play?

The answer is we plan on opening the Golf Course as soon as possible this year, depending on the weather of course. Once we see a nice little run of dry weather and warmer temperatures we will let everyone know the date. This will give us a few days to get an initial mowing and clean up in, set cups and first bunker rake. Please be aware that in an effort to open the course early that the conditions will not be optimal but we will certainly do our best. Please watch your emails and for updates.

A few things to keep in mind while planning for golf in the early Spring. Everyone knows about frost delays, but when opening the Golf Course early sometimes we have to deal with temperatures in the 20's overnight. This can cause the upper root zone to freeze which is worse than frost just on the surface. Walking on fine turf like the Tees, Fairways, and especially our Greens, can cause season long root damage or worse. These conditions will be communicated through the Golf Shop but please be understanding. I will never close the Golf Course without a good reason.

I look forward to meeting you out on the Course, lets all hope for continued mild weather this Spring! Thank you,

Craig Kachline, GCSA

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