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Naturalized Areas (Fescue)


Over the past two seasons we have shaped in our naturalized areas. Factually, it has been a least cost effort having determined desired areas and allowing our current grass (primarily blue grass) to grow while adding in some weed deterrent and tick prevention.


Last season Craig Kachline met with his experts including a naturalized-area-consultant to make our plan to convert a few areas to the fescue of choice. Once mature, by design, the fescue will be more sparse and more playable. But, it is still intended to be more difficult than playing out of the rough.


Two areas were seeded last fall with fescue. They are:

  • Between 4 fairway and 5 fairway all the way to 5 pond (where we removed trees and graded last fall)

  • Between 6 and 8 fairway

Quick Note: The area between 6 and 8 has been reshaped. The fescue areas have been narrowed on both holes bringing back more rough within the tee ball landing areas and all of 8 fescue was pushed further away from the cart path.


Expect it to be ugly. Potentially really ugly for 12-24 months. Although it is germinating, maturity for the grass is upwards of two years. To make it more presentable, our crew did seed in rye to add some green as the fescue slowly takes over.

THE BIG PROBLEM: The big problem is we can not treat for weeds while we are growing the fescue. Expecting hand weeding in full is too high an expectation. When safe and ready, we will treat for the weeds that have already started to grow (its been a great season for weeds).

PHOTO ABOVE: New (mainly) rye and fescue. View from tee box pond on #4 looking towards 5 tee(ish).

PHOTO ABOVE: The larger blades of grass are rye. The smaller blades are the new fescue. Eventually, the fescue will grow to shin to knee height and require little maintenance. The rye was added to make the areas presentable until the fescue matures.


You have been warned. It will look rough for quite a while before we can treat it for weeds. If these areas meet expectations, we will plan for planting of fescue in other naturalized areas on the course.

Thank you to our Craig and our Greens and Grounds crew for all their study and work on this project.

CCH Greens and Grounds Committee

Craig Kachline-Superintendent

Jeff Camp Jr-Head Golf Professional

Jeff Camp Sr-Director of Golf

Keith Smith-Greens & Grounds Board Liaison

Matt Villenauve-Committee Chair

David Tress

Jay Leombruno

Kevin Murphy

Klint McBroom

Mary Hird

Nancy Murphy

Robert Healey

Scott Shorten

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