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Steve Logan - Update - June 2, 2022

The arrival of 6 additional staff last week was instrumental in us continuing to catch up on the golf course. On Tuesday and Wednesday we were able to work on things like charging and edging sprinkler heads, and seeding stump holes.

On Wednesday evening Mother Nature reared her ugly self and reminded us who’s really in charge. The intense wind , rain and subsequent flooding left a huge mess here at the club. Although the rain gauge said 1.75 inches of rain I would guess that because the rain came sideways the actual amount was closer to double that.

Despite the power still being out Wednesday morning we started cleaning up wind damage and debris. Once the big stuff was picked up we started blowing off every green, tee, fairway and shortcut turf area. We have just begun to remove silt (mud) from bunkers, then we will be shoveling up the sand on the slopes, re- distributing the sand and adding new sand as needed.

There is much to do to get back where we were on Wednesday. Despite this being the 2nd or 3rd most damage I’ve seen in my 27 seasons here at CCH our goal is to have the course cleaned up put back together mowed and ready for play at noon on Friday, June 3rd.

There have been a few questions about the flower bed between 9 and 18 green. We are waiting on the new clock. Once the clock is installed, we look forward to planting our annuals.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Steve

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