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Long Grass Be Coming!

May 19, 2022

Lots of chatter about the new long grass areas. So let's get to it.

Terry Baller of Baller Design, LLC was contracted by The Country Club of Hudson to create a long term comprehensive plan for our course.

Baller Design, LLC was founded on the principle of working with governments, developers and private landowners (golf courses and sports fields/academies) to better understand the relationship these properties have with the environment. The ultimate objective of the organization being the design, retrofit, or renovation of these facilities to promote their sustainable management and to dramatically reduce their impact on the environment.

Part of that plan includes "long grass" or "naturalized areas." We will have the plan for all to see very soon but in the short term we have already been advised of naturalized areas we can cut in. Steve has been working those areas and training his crew.

Photo above is right of the cart path on 16


  • When we get lots of rain they will successfully take on more course water

  • We reduce our labor cost

  • We reduce our fuel cost

  • An additional challenge is added to your course


  • An additional challenge is added to your course :)

  • They still need to be treated and they will be treated (we are not creating weed beds)

Admittedly, we did a poor job communicating about the naturalized areas. For many, at this time, they can appear untreated and unmanaged areas. Once we have the full plan, we will publish it for all members to enjoy.

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