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Just Don't #3 - Naturalized Areas

In a very short slice of time, the new naturalized areas have been given many names. Some simple like "long grass" or "tall fescue." Other names have been more descriptive like "the devil's little brother" and "Logan's revenge." I like that last one.

The grass is coming in very well. The areas are now well defined and they look great.

What The Areas SHOULD Look Like

Picture tall grass, majestic, a tad brown at the tips, flowing with the wind and standing straight up! Like this:

How Can You Help?

Well, in some cases the grass is already matted down from golf carts. Fortunately, I hear this from our membership all the time. "How can I help?*" It's so easy! Please follow these three long grass rules.

  1. Don't drive your carts in the "long grass"

  2. Don't drive your carts in "the tall fescue"

  3. Don't drive your carts in "Logan's revenge"

I know it wont make you feel better, but, you hit a bad shot. Part of your penalty is you get to look for it on on foot. Start looking.


Golf Etiquette Tip Of The Week

Acceptable Attire For Men

Membership at The Country Club of Hudson comes with an expectation that you follow some rules including acceptable attire while on course grounds including all practice areas and the golf course. For men, the rules are effortless:

  • Wear a collared shirt

  • Tuck in the shirt referenced above

  • Wear your hat with the bill forward

I acknowledge other golf courses in the area may be more lenient. We are not lenient.

^^^Shooter tucks in his shirt. Happy does not. Be like Shooter. But, feel free to Eat Fresh.

On Course High Fidelity Sound (Speakers)

No snark on this one. Really simple. Your speaker is for you and perhaps your group. If other groups on the course can hear it, it's too loud. Turn it down (especially if you are playing Steely Dan. . . that's just wrong).

^^^Our boy Huey Lewis speak truth. "I'm afraid you're just too darn loud. . . next please."


*OK, this statement is grossly exaggerated.

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