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Just Don't #1 - Par 3s

Welcome to the much anticipated summer series of "Just Don't." It's an ongoing series of loudly stated suggestions to keep our course conditions top-notch.

Please note the footnote* (that's at the bottom). There are valid reasons some should have bolder driving privileges. That is acceptable and embraced.

We Have Spoken!

Golf carts are to remain on cart paths at all times on Par 3s. On our par 3s, like most fine clubs, golf carts remain on paths at all times.

Hole #3

Our cart path meanders along the left side of the hole allowing a lovely tour to the back side of the green leaving you a leisurely few feet to the greens edge. Contrary to some opinion, there is no cart path on the right side of the hole even if that is where your ball comes to rest.

Hole #7

This challenging par 3 has a convenient cart path wrapping around the right and the back of the green. Since most of us tend to blow the shot right, the cart path is convenient. In the rare case you are on the left side of the hole, please take your cart to the back of the green and enjoy the walk.

Hole #11

Ah yes, the featured short par 3. Not much to say here. Moving on.

Hole #15

The last of our par 3s offers a convenient stroll along the right side of the hole. The left side of the hole can be shaded. Do not be fooled. That shade is not a cart path.

Close It Up

Cart paths are available to keep the course beautiful. Staying on the paths on our par 3s allows us to deliver that beauty. Please do your part. If you are able, please remain on the cart paths on all par 3s.


*The Greens and Grounds Committee fully understands and appreciates that there are justified reasons for some player to take carts into some restricted areas. We count on you, the member, to make that decision based on your needs.

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