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IStrike Lightning Siren System

Carl: I'd keep playing. I don't think the heavy stuff will come down for a while.
Bishop: You're right. Anyway, the good Lord would never disrupt the best game of my life.

All of you Caddyshack fans know it did not end well for Bishop Fred Pickering*. Lightning is no joke.

  • two-thirds of fatalities occur while enjoying "outdoor leisure activities."

  • 79% of deaths are men (we are not very bright).

  • Fishing, beach and camping? Lots of bad. Don't fish. Play more golf.

iStrike Lightning Siren System

Our new alert system was installed this year. As stated, it will not replace "player's good judgment." Here is how it works:

Blast #1 - 75 Seconds

Lightning is within 10 miles. Seek shelter immediately.

Blast #2 - Three Five Second Blasts

All clear! No lighting strikes 30 minutes from the prior lightning strike in our area.

Shelter Locations

We have shelter locations. Use 'em.

  • Hole #3 - Tee Box

  • Between #6 Tee and #8 Green

  • Behind #6 Green and #7 Tee

  • Behind #12 Green and Between #16 Tee Box


That electric reading above? It's on the register desk in the pro shop. Please read it. In the end, it's pretty simple. Don't be dumb.

*Bishop Fred Pickering (1980) was played by Henry Wilcoxon. It was his 2nd to last movie. He acted one more time in the 1983 classic Sweet Sixteen ("What terrors are unleashed when a girl turns sweet sixteen.. ."). He appeared in well over 50 movies.

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