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Greens Update

Updated: May 19, 2022

May 19, 2022

Are our greens different today, May 19th, 2022 compared to May 19th, 2021? You bet they are. And, on this day a year from now they will differ again. Why? Let's get to it, shall we?


Steve and Friends have a standard of care that is followed every season as weather allows. Through April 2021 we had 4" of rain. Through April 2022? Over 8" of rain. As well, we have been stalled by cooler weather.

What is that Standard of Care? Well, it's really long so let's keep you from nodding off. Summary:

  1. Start the season cutting at .125" (1/8 of an inch).

  2. Double cut every day if weather allows

  3. Double roll every day if weather allows

  4. Move cut height down in .010" increments until we can get to .095" and keep it there as long as the greens stay healthy.

SO COMPARE 2022 and 2021

OK, fine. As of this date in 2021 were at .105" and had rolled for 3 weeks more than this year to date. As comparison, Steve had the greens mowers moved to .105" just this week.

It's not all about the cut height. We lost a solid 3 weeks of rolling (we cant roll when they are soft). Without the rolling and the lower cut height, we cant get faster/consistent greens.

We have a program, a standard of care, and it is being followed as the weather does allow.

Then of course, there's the poa annua.

POA ANNUA (bluegrass)

Those silver patches you see in the greens? Those are seed heads. Our poa annua greens seed every spring. Anyone with poa annua greens gets them too.

So, every Steve Logan that is managing poa annua greens fights the same battle. . . reduce the rapid germination (our last treatment was put down this week). Beware, some of those areas may temporarily brown. Key word.. "temporarily."

The germination season will be over soon only to return in 2023.

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