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Golf Course Update - The Storm

UPDATED: June 2 12:41PM

Well, it's not good. It could have been a lot worse.

TREES: We lost a few. None would be deemed major loss (you won't notice they are gone).

FAIRWAYS|GREENS|TEE BOXES: Lots of small limbs and leaves. All will need to be blown off before they can be cut. They also need to dry out before they can be cut.

BUNKERS: This, my friends, is the killer. Severe washout in all of the bunkers. We have 55+ bunkers on the course. The silt will have to be hand scraped before our crew can start reworking them. 3-4 workers per bunker at 60 to 90 minutes per bunker. Best case, 55 hours of work and worst case 82.5 hours.

WATER: Standing water is an issue at this time.

WHAT IT ALL MEANS: Course clean up takes priority. That must happen before the "regular" maintenance can take place including daily cutting and green prep. Expect the greens to be slower for a few days as we prioritize the clean-up.

WHEN WILL THE COURSE RE-OPEN: The golf course (updated June 2 12:41PM) will be closed today, June 2nd and reopen Friday, June 3rd at noon. We have a fixed number of employees to handle the problem. Please show patience.

CLOSING: We should feel very fortunate the damage was not worse. Steve and his crew were at it very early this morning to get a jump on the cleanup. They will give us their very best. We can expect no more.

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