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NEW!!! 2021 Taylor Made SIM 2 Driver Demo

New products are launching everyday. As we get the products in we are starting to do our own testing to see improvements. One of my favorite pieces of technology over the past three seasons has been twist face from Taylor Made. This technology has been in the past four Taylor Made drivers and we have seen some impressive ball flight changes in our customers. The latest product from Taylor Made with this technology is SIM 2. I was a big fan of the SIM product last season, so our first test of the year is the New SIM 2 compared to 2020 SIM. Click the image above to learn more about SIM 2 product line. I also wanted to share my numbers from the trackman. The interesting stat for me was the club head speed was faster with this club. That resulted in about a 4 yard gain in carry distance and almost 5 in total distance. The feel is very similar to 2020 SIM but the look of the SIM2 is is a lot better with a black finish. I look forward to having you all try this club for 2021. If you are interested in this product or any other new clubs for 2021 please let me know and I will be happy to get you on the trackman and compare. We will have some more product testing coming your way very soon. We will be testing a lot of new products for 2021 and look forward to sharing the results with you. Remember all clubs have different results for everyone which is why it is important to try and them all and get fitted. I look forward to getting the new product in your hands to help you have a great 2021 golf season.

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