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Father's Day Results

June 19th, 2022 1st Place - Joe Palmeri and Christopher Palmeri 58 $140/ Golf Shop Credit T2nd Place - John Donahoe and Pat Donahoe 61 $100/ Golf Shop Credit T2nd Place - Lee Bortnik and Luke Bortnik 61 $100/Golf Shop Credit 4th Place - Joe Palmeri and Elliott Palmeri 62 $85/Golf Shop Credit 5th Place - Skip Vogelsberger and Brett Vogelsberger 63 $75/Golf Shop Credit 6th Place - George Moxon and Joe Moxon 64 $62/Golf Shop Credit 7th Place - George Haggerty and Cam Haggerty 64 $62/Golf Shop Credit T8th Place - Steve Voinovich and Luke Voinovich 65 $45/Golf Shop Credit

T8th Place - Jeff Loyall and Mitch Loyall 65 $45/Golf Shop Credit

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