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Revitalization Update May 17-2024

The Country Club of Hudson

Greens & Grounds Committee Update


The Greens and Grounds Committee in partnership with our Superintendent, Craig Kachline, and USGA Agronomist & golf course architect, Terry Baller have embarked upon a Program to bring new life into our golf course through a multi-year Revitalization effort.  Those of you have been out on the course may have noticed the following accomplishments as a start to the Program –

  • Hole # 4 - Regrading of pond banks aside # 4 tee including installation of irrigation line for tees.  The back side of pond viewable from hole # 2 tee will be retained as naturalized area and front side viewable from tee has been cleared and will be seeded including the grading and seeding of area along the right side of the cart path.

  • Hole # 7 – Cleared trees and all grounds beyond green in partnership with Weaver Tree Company.

  • Holes # 8/9 – Cleared all undergrowth in trees along left side of fairway.  Will be spreading mulch chips to cover all grounds.

  • Hole # 11 – Removed bunker along front of left side of green and sodded area.

  • Created forward tees redeploying sliver tee markers in spirit with PGA & USGA “TEE IT FORWARD” initiative.  Will continue work on these tees to establish actual tee boxes or shorten grass to designate teeing area as season progresses.

  • Began conversion of “natural areas” to fine fescue in consultation with; Jerry Husermann, a leader in the consulting business for Natural area conversions and establishment for better playability and aesthetics.  Test plots along hole # 4 and between holes # 6 and #8.  Will continue with this with other “natural areas” based upon results of this test.  Will also continue reshaping of these “natural areas”.

  • Reshaping of fairways and enhancement of aprons approaching all greens.

  • Worked with USGA representative, Zach Nicoludis for Tree Evaluation Report to assist and guide decisions regarding tree removal.  In house sod and seeding to fill all stump holes from winter tree removal.

  • Limbing of over 100 trees in house and in partnership with Weaver Tree Service limbed all large oak trees throughout the course while they were dormant.  This will promote growth and health of trees, enhance sight lines, and assist with growth of grass under the trees and in surrounding area.

  • Repair, maintenance, and upgrade of irrigation system including pump house for remote monitoring and control of all zones.

  • Started renovation of roughs to reseed rye grass and eliminate bent grass and Poa Annua in rough.  Acquired used Toro Rough 4500 mower to allow for more consistent cut of and length of roughs.

  • Installed paver walkways on holes # 1 and #10 tees, under all coolers & scoreboard and in sitting area along cart path under tree behind Pro Shop.

  • Enhancement of driving range with relocation of mats to front of range.  This allowed for expansion of the number of stations and will allow for improved maintenance of grass on Range.

  • Renovation of dump area and grading preparation for additional work associated with Revitalization Program.

A big shout to Craig and his team.  Except for the Weaver Tree Company work, all of this has been accomplished within the constraints of the 2023 and 2024 golf course operating budgets.

Here is what you will see in addition to what has been listed above as we move through this golf season –

  • Renovation of bunkers on left side of greens on holes #2, #6 & #10 including most or all of grounds surrounding each of these greens.  This work is being completed in partnership with Precision Golf.  It will be completed hole by hole and will require about fourteen days per hole.  The goal is to have all this work completed and open for play prior to the start of the Men’s Member Guest event.

  • Similar schematics will be provided with future Greens and Grounds Committee Updates as they are finalized for holes # 6 and #10.  These will serve as prototypes for additional bunker work under consideration.

  • Hole #11 – Reshape and add collection area to the left of the green and rear bunker.

  • Greens topdressing program throughout the golf season.

Craig Kachline consults with Mike O'Donnell (Precision Golf)

We hope you are enjoying these enhancements as part of our Revitalization Program.  We have not lost sight of the following longer term and likely larger projects which may require additional capital infusion.

  • Revitalization of all Cart Paths – replace, relocate, repair, or resurface depending upon condition of sections of the existing cart paths.

  • Rejuvenation of bunkers – completely repair, reshape or eliminate bunkers.  The size of our bunkers has grown significantly over the years simply by the annual re-edging.  Also, there are drainage issues that have arisen, and sand has accumulated over time and requires attention.

  • Leveling all tee boxes.  In addition, reshape or relocate certain tee boxes.

Stay tuned in future Greens & Grounds Committee Updates as we work through the details on these projects and other potential enhancements to our golf course.

CCH Greens and Grounds Committee

Craig Kachline-Superintendent

Jeff Camp Jr-Head Golf Professional

Jeff Camp Sr-Director of Golf

Keith Smith-Greens & Grounds Board Liaison

Matt Villenauve-Committee Chair

David Tress

Jay Leombruno

Kevin Murphy

Klint McBroom

Mary Hird

Nancy Murphy

Robert Healey

Scott Shorten

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May 17

Played yesterday and the course is fantastic. Love the improvements and vision. Keith and Matt, special thanks to you for leading the superintendent change and finding Craig. He is phenomenal!


mike talbot
mike talbot
May 17

Good work guys! Looks amazing and greens are outstanding! And we are paying attention to budgets and finances. We need everyone on that program!!

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