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2021 Trackman Challenge Week 1

NEW!!! Trackman Challenge Every two weeks we will have a new course and new target score. The target score will be set by someone different every two weeks. This week you will be playing against Jeff Camp Jr. our Head Golf Professional. Rules of Play:

Buy a gift certificate between $10 and $100, you get that amount no matter the result. If you beat the target score we will double your money. (Example, bet $100 and beat the target score you will get $200) This is open to anyone, so play the set of tees that you would normally play. Handicap will be used, since we set to auto put we will take 40% of your normal handicap and apply it to your score. We will be playing the back nine of Haulalai Resort, to enter let Jeff Camp Jr or Jeff Green know how much you plan to bet before you tee off.

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