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Golf Course Update May 13th, 2023

A few members have asked me recently about the rough and how thick it is currently. Mother nature is the primary cause. Simply, with the surge of rain a few weeks ago we were unable to cut as often. This, coupled with a fertilizer application containing pre-emergent weed control and season long insect control, has caused the surge in growth. With the stabilizing weather we will be able to cut more often to keep up with the growth. This will set us up for a healthy turf stand all season long !

You also will notice areas getting repaired with sod or seed. They will be clearly marked, so please help us improve the course and stay out of those areas. This will be going on for the next few weeks and generally will not effect play.

Lastly, now that the Driving Range tee is open, there are a few things I want you to be aware of. We are using ropes this year for the designated hitting area on the tee. Please keep with in the ropes while practicing. Also we will need to perform some maintenance tasks through out the day to keep up with demand. This includes watering the newly seeded areas by hand through out the day, and some divot filling as necessary. Thank you for your understanding as we get grass back growing for the next round.

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