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Golf Course Update March 31st

I hope everyone is enjoying the Spring Break weather somewhere. Things certainly are not cooperating here in effort to get the course open and ready for play. As I type this, I am looking at snow approaching on the radar. On to the update! We started our deep tine aerification of our greens today and anticipate finishing up early next week. There are a few greens that have some winter damage to them including 1, 5, and 8. This “winter kill” was a result of some freezing temperatures and high winds back in December. I think they will be fine in a few weeks and shouldn't affect playability. They just look a little pale in the meantime. We also were able to get in our first chemical application of the year to help control seed head production on our greens. This will help to smooth our putting surfaces this spring. Over the next week or two we will give our best effort to get the course open for play. A few dry days in a row would be a great help! Expect another email next week with an update. When we do open, we will have a lot going on the course. We will be aerating and topdressing tees, and approaches. We will only be core aerating the greens that were effected by the winter damage. Be aware, we took down several trees over the winter that were adversely effecting turf growth. The stump clean up and new seeding will be going on most of April if weather cooperates. Most of these areas will not effect play and will be roped off while we are growing grass back. Speaking of trees, we are pleased to have the USGA Course Consulting Service coming out this week to perform a Tree Evaluation Study. The Greens and Grounds Committee has decided to get a professional opinion from the USGA prior to any more trees removals. I am excited to have the USGA out for a visit and get their advice on many agronomic issues as well. Let’s hope for some dry weather! I will update everyone again next week.

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