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2022 Club Championship Results

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Championship Flight Champion - Klinton McBroom

Runner Up - Thomas Kiener

1st Flight Champion - Mike Cunningham

Runner Up - Greg Yard Low Net - Roger Hird

2nd Flight Champion - Tom Hadrys

Runner Up - Dave Pratt Low Net - Jeremy Wood

3rd Flight Champion - Bill Sedlacek

Runner Up - Jim Cleveland Low Net - Brennan Szczepanski

4th Flight Champion - Rick Godic

Runner Up - Chris Dasher Low Net - Owen O'Donnell, JJ Alcantar, Tom Fares

5th Flight

Champion - Brent Harris

Runner Up - Rick Lee

Low Net - Vic Hamor

6th Flight

Champion - Ryan Koch

Runner Up - Tony Siracusa Low Net - Blair Martin

White Tee Flight Champion - Paul Davis

Runner Up - Bob Healey Low Gross - Bob Murphy

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