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Steve Logan - Update - June 16, 2022

The pump house repairs (by 13 green/pond) are completed and all is working normally again. The storm and subsequent electrical outage that hit Hudson 2 weeks ago severely damaged electrical components in our pump station. Two critical components were replaced and are now operational.

Now that we have the ability to pump water we will be catching up on some fertilizer applications that we have delayed making solely because we couldn’t water them in. On the contrary, when it is this hot and humid we want to avoid also being wet to help reduce fungal diseases on turf. Over the next few days we will be trouble shooting the irrigation system to make sure sprinkler heads are coming up and going down, and rotating properly.

The reseeding of the west end of the range tee where construction traffic entered is ongoing. The installation of the new club entry sign is almost completed, and preparations for the clock between 9/18 greens is also underway.

We are looking forward to next week when the club will be hosting the Hudson Jr. Invitational.

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