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Revitalization Update June 18th, 2024

Craig and his team, in partnership with Precision Golf (bunkers) have been working at a feverish pace.  Here’s the update –

Recent Accomplishments –

  • Hole # 2 Bunker and surrounding area - The new left greenside bunker is now open for play.  Please enter and exit the bunker away from the green for a little bit to help heal in the sod on the steeper faces.  The collection area on the right is progressing nicely but will remain closed for a while until we can mow the bent grass at a puttable height, please continue to play as Ground Under Repair*.  The rest of the hole is open for full play.

  • Hole # 4 Tee – the expanded tee has been both seeded and sodded.  Please stay off new sod where it is roped off, this will heal in quickly.  The new tee and the new half of the men’s tee will need to grow in before we open it. 

  • Hole # 6 Bunker - The new bunkers on the left side have been completed, please continue to play these as Ground Under Repair* including new sod between bunkers and green until we can get the sod ready for play.

  • Cleared Undergrowth areas – wood chips have been spread and is now playable (no longer Ground under Repair), but do not drive carts in these areas. Next Areas of Focus –

  • Hole # 10 Bunker – work will begin on Monday, June 17th but suspended during the Junior Invitational.  This area will be roped off and played as Ground Under Repair*during construction. Click Here for #10 Design and Construction Notes

  • Holes #8 & #13 area to the left of tees and left side #16 White & Green tees – tree work is complete. These were removed for better sight lines and to improve air flow for grass health on the tees.  Herbicide has been sprayed.  Over the next few weeks the remaining stumps will be removed, ground tilled then seeded.

  • Tree Limbing - this will continue throughout the course for the rest of the summer as part of our regular Maintenance program.

Reminders –

  • Natural Fescue Areas are progressing nicely.  Please continue to play the area between holes #6/#8 and right on #4 as Ground under Repair*.

  • All areas that are roped off or marked by a white line are Ground Under Repair*.  You may retrieve your golf ball, but you may not play out of these areas.

  • All other Naturalized Areas should be played as it lies or (if ball is lost) under penalty of one stroke, take two club-lengths from the spot of where the ball last crossed the margin of the natural area.

  • Do not drive a cart into any of the Naturalized Areas.

  • Replace and repair divots with sand that has been supplied on all golf carts.

  • Repair pitch marks on greens (repair yours and one other)

  • Place broken tees in the receptacles on many of the tees.


*Ground Under Repair - take free relief, you must find the nearest point of complete relief (stance) from the ground under repair and drop your original ball or another ball from knee-height away from the ground under repair and within one club-length of that point not nearer the hole. CCH Greens and Grounds Committee

Craig Kachline-Superintendent

Jeff Camp Jr-Head Golf Professional

Jeff Camp Sr-Director of Golf

Keith Smith-Greens & Grounds Board Liaison

Matt Villenauve-Committee Chair

Jay Leombruno

Kevin Murphy

Klint McBroom

Mary Hird

Nancy Murphy

Robert Healey

Scott Shorten

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