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Revitalization Update July 10th, 2024

We are approaching the halfway point of this year’s golf season, and we hope you are enjoying our revitalized course.  We heard your most significant concerns from last year’s member survey and have worked to address them as follows –

  • Rough Height of Cut and Consistency – We acquired an additional rough mower, and the two mowers are operating at least eight hours per day resulting in the rough being mowed, in full, twice a week.

  • Greens Speed and Consistency –Steps have been taken to speed the greens up from last year and provide more consistency.

  • Sand Bunker Maintenance – Bunkers are now raked every day to provide better daily conditions.

  • Craig and his team have started an Instagram page @CCHGreens, to help update the membership on course conditions and current information about our golf course.  Please give them a follow!

Project Updates

  • Bunker Revitalization on holes #2, #6 & #10 – work has been.  Those of you that observed the work while it was underway may have seen the significant effort that went into dealing with drainage issues that were addressed but unknown until the sand was removed.  We hope you join us in congratulating Precision Golf on a job well done.  These holes are fully open to all play on July 10th.

  • Tee hole #4 and nearby pond – New tee and half of men’s tee has been seeded and will need to grow in before they are opened.  Sod has been placed, all other areas seeded and beginning to germinate and grown to rough height.

  • Holes #8 & #13 and area to the left of white & green tees on hole #16 – soil has been tilled multiple times and been seeded and will be grown to rough height.

  • Naturalized areas between hole #4 & #5 fairways all the way to #5 pond and between holes #6 & #8 and – tall grass is annual rye and will be sprayed with a chemical to promote growth of fescue which is hiding below.

Ongoing Maintenance

  • Approaches and Fringe – these areas are being treated and mowed to enhance playability.  We appreciate your support in keeping carts at least 10 yards away from all greens.

  • Tree Limbing – we will continue to limb trees with internal resources to promote growth and health of trees, enhance sight lines, and assist with growth of grass under the trees and in surrounding area.

  • Trees – removal of dead or dying trees

Next update will be provided in the fall with our focus as the golf season winds down and winter projects.

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