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Just Don't #4 - Walking Paths

Well, we again get to bloviate about the long grass. This season's addition of the naturalized areas is new so much of this we are learning from experience. On to it. . . . Walking Paths. . .

What Are "Walking Paths?"

In a few areas on the course we have cut in walking paths through the naturalized areas to allow walkers easier access to the next tee box. For example, this path below is the walking patch from 7 green to 8 tee box.

No Carts Please!

In the photo above there are restriction signs. . . .

I am not very bright, but I think this is pretty self explanatory.

. . . but in other cases there are no signs. That does NOT mean you get cart access.

CAUSE: Carts driving on a walking path.

EFFECT: The path develops tire tracks, gets matted down and stops growing.

"Just Put Up More Signs"

No. More signs means we have to pull them out any time we cut. More labor is never good.

It will be easier and more fun to shame you publicly.


Golf Etiquette Tip Of The Week

Exiting Sand Traps

This one comes compliments of (insert 7 people's names).

Eventually you will visit one of our bunkers and eventually you will get out. Of course you do a great job of raking the area before exiting the bunker, right? But, are you THAT golfer? You know, the one that leaves sand footprints across green?

WHY IS IT A PROBLEM?: Putting through your sand footprints impacts putting line and speed.

HOW CAN I DO BETTER?: Tap the soles of your shoes with your wedge or putter before stepping on the green. Perhaps this instructional video from the USGA will help:

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