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Golf Course Update May 24th, 2023


You may have noticed we are not maintaining the sandtrap front and left of 11 green. Our staff and long-time members have confirmed that any time we get enough rain to bring the water level up in 11 pond, the drain in the trap backs up and floods it. Unfortunately, the installed drain is too close to the pond's water level.

The fastest and least costly plan is to remove the trap and the drain. The area will be filled, sculpted and sodded. We expect to begin work in the near future. For now, please play the area as Ground Under Repair (Abnormal Course Conditions).

Q. My ball is in ground under repair – what are my options?

A. You may either play your ball as it lies from the ground under repair or take free relief. To take relief, you must find the nearest point of complete relief from the ground under repair and drop your original ball or another ball away from the ground under repair and within one club-length of that point not nearer the hole (see Rule 16.1).


The new practice green behind #1 tee box is progressing nicely. We plan to open the green on Saturday, June 10th (2023 President's Cup).

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