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Golf Course Update June 29th, 2023


Work began this Monday filling in the Sand trap on the front left of Eleven Green. We expect it to be completed by mid-week with the final step of sod installation. This area will be roped off until we get the new sod to root in and growing healthy. Please help us and stay out of this area and continue to play it as ground under repair until we take the ropes down. With some decent weather this will only be a few short weeks.


With the Greens Committee and Board approval we were able to purchase new reel mowers for our existing Triplex Green Mowers. These mowers utilize the latest technology with 14 blade reels and come equipped with mechanical groomers which help stand up the blades of grass when being mowed. When used in conjunction with a light topdressing program, we can achieve a smoother and more consistent putting surface. We started using these mowers late last week, and I am excited to see the improvement over the rest of the season!


We started hitting on the grass on the driving range tee on May 5th, the day before Men’s Opening Day. We moved the ropes forward daily as needed to provide a well-maintained hitting surface. We reached the front of the tee last week right before The Hudson Junior Invitational. We call this, one complete cycle on the Driving Range Tee. After having the kids hit off the mats all week, we are back on the grass for round two. As everyone knows, our Driving Range gets a lot of action and is always busy. Please see the following illustrations on how to best manage your divots at the Driving Range.

This one below is BAD and takes the longest to fill in. Please avoid doing this!

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