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Do You Want To Play A Game?

So here is the game. Guess how many sprinkler heads are on CCH' grounds? Is it. . .

A). 23

2). 47

III). 850+

If you read today's post from Steve you know it is 850+ sprinkler heads. That's miles of irrigation lines and control wiring to make it all happen. So what does 850+ heads look like? Sumthin' like this.

Count the dots. Every black dot is an individually controlled head.

The crazy part is each of those 850 heads can be individually controlled. The assumption that we simply run all heads for a few minutes does not credit the mad science.

For example, the back right corner of 17 green takes a beat down and currently runs for 17 minutes (the front heads do not run as long). Compare that to number 11 green. Eleven green is sheltered by trees and gets less wind and sun. Those heads will only run for 7 minutes per cycle (too much water es no bueno).

Now bring on the testing and maintenance. Each season each head is tested to be sure it is performing as expected. Solenoids and wiring die, heads don't rotate properly golfers and turf equipment beat them down. It's constant upkeep and currently getting replacement heads and parts is a challenge.

It has been decades of added drainage and irrigation work that requires hundreds of hours of maintenance each season. It is truly awesome.

So the next time you get nailed by a sprinkler surprise you may want to ask yourself, "is it bad timing or does someone know I am here?" It is that precise.

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