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CCH Ryder Cup 2020

October 10th, 2020 Team Slama - 31 Points

Team Siracusa - 21 Points

Congratulations to captain Randy Slama and team for their 2020 Ryder Cup Victory Team Members Damon Cronkey, Sam Foster, Tim Mikolay, Lee Bortnik, Mike Talbot, John Iski, Chris Dohner, Andy Fertal, Bill Lamb, Jack Mitstifer, Roger Hird, Jeff Talty, Bill Sedlacek, Tom Murphy, Nick Valenziano, Bill Shawd, JJ Alcanter, Mike Lacey, Scott Haas, Luke Bortnik, George Moxon, Richard Hults, John Dorian, Don Olsen, and Dan DiMarco.

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