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August 31, 2023 Golf Course Update

Fall 2023 Course Updates

The projects below are scheduled for completion this fall.

Native Area Renovation

With the assistance of a naturalized area consultant, we will be testing renovation of select native areas. The renovation areas are:

  • Between hole 6 and 8 and

  • Right side of hole 4

  • Smaller areas where poa and bentgrass have invaded the rough (jeopardizing fairway reshaping)

Renovation Will Include

  • Mow down areas and remove debris

  • Spray non-selective herbicide to kill all vegetation

  • Mechanically seed fine leaf fescue mix

  • Application of selective herbicides to keep areas weed free


  • Once we begin there can be ZERO foot and cart traffic in these areas. Your feet will track non-selective herbicide and kill other areas of the course.


  • Once we begin, the process will take a few weeks to complete.

  • Areas should look good by next season

  • They will not reach maturity for 3 seasons

Why Only 2 Areas?

  • These are test areas. If we are pleased with the outcome, we will move forward with additional naturalized locations

Native Area Maintenance

At the end of 2022, all native areas were cut down. We will repeat that process again in the fall of 2023 for all areas not slated for renovation. Areas will be serviced for weed control at that time.

Hole 4 Regrade


Between the pond by #4 tee box and 5 fairway. We pulled dirt from this area for the range renovation.


  • Bulldozer regrade

  • Cut around #4 pond

  • Repair the drain line


In addition to relocating dirt for range renovation, trees were removed from this area early 2023. The area is rough graded and overgrown. Also, the pond will remain unsightly until we can bring the water level up (drain line repair).

Aerification Schedule


The course and range will be closed and greens will be aerified on Sept 5th (day after Labor Day) and Sept 6th.

Tees | Approaches | Fairways

These will be completed this fall. Our maintenance staff will manage around course play.

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