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2023 Golf Shop NCAA Squares

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Round 1 Results (1 Sleeve ProV1, ProV1x or AVX) Brett Baskin - 3 Joe Urbanic - 4 Jeff Dunlap John Becker - 2 Jeff Pankratz - 2 John Donahoe - 2 Steve Voinovich Bill Becker - 2 Vic Hamor Sam Foster Jim Cleveland Tom Hadrys Bill Garten Phil Shen - 2 Gary Rybka

Randy Misch - 2

Tony Siracusa Kent Houser - 2 Mike Murphy Eric Skrout Round 2 Results ($25 Golf Shop Certificate) Joe Urbanic Phil Shen - 3 Jeff Dunlap Paul Harris - 2 Mike Murphy Kent Houser - 2 Tom Hadrys Rich Auth Bob Murphy Mark Moore Brett Baskin Jeff Pankratz Sweet 16 Results (1 Dozen ProV or AVX) Rich Auth Randy Misch Tony Siracusa Paul Harris Steve Voinovich Joe Urbanic Vic Hamor Bob Murphy Elite 8 Results ($70 Golf Shop Certificate) Bob Murphy Kent Houser Tom Hadrys Jim Cleveland FInal Four ($150 Golf Shop Certificate) Brett Baskin Tom Murphy National Championship Game ($400 Golf Shop Certificate)

John Donahoe


Email to get your squares CCH NCAA Basketball Tournament Squares $20/Square(purchase as many squares as you like)

There is a 100-square grid - each square will be sold for $20.00, making a total of $2000 in golf shop merchandise and gift certificates going into the pot.

After all the squares have been sold, the numbers will be randomly assigned and sent out on Thursday, March 16th. .The same numbers will be used for all 63 Games in the tournament! (Rounds 1 thru the National Championship. The 4 First Round play in games will not be used)

The 63 game tournament starts on Thursday, March 16th, and ends on Monday, April 3rd. The last digits of the final score of each game will be used to determine the winning squares. This format makes it possible to win multiple games with the same numbers.

Payouts are based on all 100 squares being sold

Payouts will increase with each round of the tournament - See Below

1st Round - Pay Out / Game - 1 Sleeve of Titleist ProVI

2nd Round - Pay Out / Game - $25/Pro Shop Credit

Regional Semifinals - Pay Out / Game - 1 Dozen Titleist AVX or ProVI Golf Balls

Regional Finals - Pay Out / Game - $70/Pro Shop Credit

National Semifinals - Pay Out / Game - $150/Pro Shop Credit

National Championship - Pay Out / Game - $400/ Pro Shop Credit

Numbers will be sent out on Thursday, March 16th.

To Sign Up contact Jeff Camp Jr. at

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