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Steve Logan - Update - June 10, 2022

The weather continues to challenge us with over 4.5 inches of rain here in the last 10 days. Bunkers have been washed out and silted 3 times as a result of those pop up down pours. Because we had to remove contaminated sand and silt from bunkers, we will be replacing that sand with new sand this coming week.

As a bonus, this weeks storm and subsequent power outage damaged our irrigation pump controls. We are hopeful that will be replaced on Monday.

We have started the removal of the old front club entry sign and will be installing the new sign this week.

We are in the process of landscaping and finishing up the outside of the golf academy building. About 16,000 ft. of sod has been laid and we are in the process of grading out and finish seeding the range tee area that was disturbed during construction.

We are somewhat behind with our broadleaf weed control and fertilizer application, and will be concentrating on those and several other details this next week. There is a lot going on here at the club and we all look forward to the Hudson Jr beginning on the 20th.

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