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Steve Logan - Update - July 7, 2022

After a long dry spell, the recent rains have been very beneficial to the course and very much appreciated. Despite having over 850 sprinkler heads on the course, Mother Nature still does a better job of watering.

The attached picture taken 3 days ago shows a spot on #1 green where I suspect bug (mosquito) spray was applied to someone’s legs… notice the shoe print of green grass within the burned spot. Please be aware that mosquito spray does kill grass. My suspicion is this happened the night of the fireworks and not from one of our golfers.

Note the ghost footprint. Pretty deep clue that sunscreen was applied while standing on #1 green. We suspect someone was having a picnic on #1 green for the fireworks show.

We are finishing up adding the necessary sand to select bunkers and then we will begin minor limb up of trees next week as well as preparing for member guests. Fairways will be fertilized this week.

The new putting green last week today. Because it is new and immature we are babying it. It is still being cut at higher height, and it is under higher fertility and more lush than all of the other greens. We are rolling it occasionally to get it smooth but we’re not stressing it. The golf course is definitely playing firm and fast (even with the recent rain) as it continues to dry out. We are typically irrigating about 400-500,000 gals of water nightly.

Everyone have a great week and weekend.


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