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CCH NCAA Basketball Tournament Squares

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

CCH NCAA Basketball Tournament Squares $20/Square(purchase as many squares as you like)

Payouts will increase with each round of the tournament - See Below

1st Round - Pay Out / Game - 1 Sleeve of Titleist Pro VI Sheet 1 Buynak, Houser, Ward, Hudec, Mitstifer, Rakotci, Yanoff, J. Becker B. Murphy, Hudec, Buynak, Siracusa, Adams, K. Lamb, Hudec, K. Lamb, Nish, Buynak, Yanoff, Donahoe, Perrico, Ackerman, Yanoff, Houser, Mitstifer, Yanoff, Yanoff, Donahoe, Ackerman, Nish, Yanoff Sheet 2 D. Collins, K. Murphy, Garten, D. Collins, Sheperd, Whitaker, Simpson, Simpson, K. Murphy, Shen, C. Morgan, Golembieski, Cleveland, Whitaker, Pollack, Garten, Osciak, Lopez, K. Murphy, Pompili, D. Collins, Pompili, Grady, Simpson, P. Whitaker, Golembieski, Gambrel, K. Murphy, Simpson, Whitaker, Gambrel

2nd Round - Pay Out / Game - 1 Titleist CCH Hat Sheet 1 Kowal, Houser, Hudec, J. Becker, Rakotci, Kowal, Ward, Urbanic, Adams, Hadrys, Rakotci, Ackerman, Avella, Buynak, McCandless, P. Harvey Sheet 2 Sheperd, Garten, Simpson, Giorgi, Shen, Sheperd, Sheperd, Rice P. Whitaker, Grady, Dunalp, Golembieski, Coyne, B Becker, B. Becker, Sheperd

Regional Semifinals - Pay Out / Game - 1 Dozen Titleist AVX or ProVI Golf Balls Sheet 1 Mitsitfer, Adams, Donahoe, Yanoff, Hudec, Avella, Yanoff, Ackerman Sheet 2 K. Murphy, Boeckman, B. Becker, Pompilli, Eichelberger, K.Coyne, Sheperd, Golembieski

Regional Finals - Pay Out / Game - $70/Pro Shop Credit Sheet 1 Hadrays, Rakotci, Hudec, McCandless Sheet 2 Grady, S. Foster, Sheperd, Cleveland

National Semifinals - Pay Out / Game - $150/Pro Shop Credit Sheet 1 Buynak, Rakotci Sheet 2 D. Collins, Shen

National Championship - Pay Out / Game - $400/ Pro Shop Credit Sheet 1 Hudec Sheet 2 Simpson

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